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How to make 20$ everyday on adsense without spending

Earning money from a website is the best thing that will ever happen to a blogger, But this days you have to work hard, this article is not for a copy and paste blogger, but for a content writer, content writers are the people that we do recognize as bloggers, they are the people that Google wants to be there friend, they are not lazy, they do bring out their time to work out something good for their users, so If you are a copy and paste blogger this article is not for you, Just imagine 20$ everyday in a month calculate it 20$ x 30days, If you don’t know the answer, it is 600$

  Before you proceed make sure that, after reading this article now you will put it into action, don’t be a lazy blogger
Well let me minimize my talks, and go straight to the point
This few tips are the secret that I used to make such huge amount of money on ADSENSE
You need a good Keyword that people searches everyday on Google
Before you use any keyword on your website, you will first of all do a very strong 100% research on google, bing, etc, Some keywords are bad they will not help you out to archive this goal online, so you need to do a great keyword research before you use it on your website, the keyword research will help you get in touch with the keywords in which people searches mostly on google and bing

  You need a well optimized unique article
As a blogger you must know how to write an article by yourself, you don’t need copy and paste to archive this particular goal, so if you hope on copy and paste, you are heading to nowhere, write an article that will attract people to your website, an article that will be not less than 500 words, if you can write more than 500 words, you are good to go, because the higher your article, the higher google adsense will like you more

  Build your backlinks
You need it because you need to rank your website for it to display on the first page of google, if your website is displaying on google’s first page, do you know that you will be the owner of traffic, you don’t need to stress yourself looking for traffic again, but sometimes after ranking a website, your website will not display on google’s first page, this is simply because you don’t have what the people are looking for, and also your articles must be unique

  Numbers of posts needed
You need not less than 500 posts to archive this goal, the higher your unique post, the more your traffic from google will grow, this is one of the reason why I said this article don’t need lazy bloggers, you need to work hard, to make it to the point that will lead you to victory

  Add related post on your website and popular post
This is very important because it will help you gain more views on your website

  Optimize your adsense Rpm
This will help you to earn high dollar from adsense, even when you are receiving small traffic, mostly the source of your traffic will also help you to earn high on Adsense, traffic like, the once from Usa, etc, then there are some keywords that do help to high rpm, keywords like donation of cars etc, you can go and do research about it, just go to google search, High paying adsense keywords, you will see the list there

  Submit your unique articles to article directories
This will get for you excess traffic from those directories
So after doing all this, just sit back and watch your traffic and your adsense earning glow like an unlimited tape
If there is any question or any suggestion on this article drop it with the comment box, Thanks

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