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Top 10 ways to run promotion and make money from it

We all know there are so many easiest way to promote products, websites in the world, but few are easy and 99% of people in the world have been promoting there products using this top 10, the top 10 is also what can help you if you put it in practice, this top 10 are not among the most wanted but it is among the everyday activities that people use to do, No day now in this world, you will see no one, promoting his or her product using the top 10 easiest ways of promoting

Top 10 ways to run promotion and make money from it

Below are the lists of the Top 10 easiest way of promoting

10. Promoting your products in school
This number 10 now, have helped so many of our people to sell their products, Most especially people that based in written and producing books, novel etc, and it have also helped some of this education bloggers, Try and check it, everyday you enter the school environment, you must see one group or more than that is telling the students about their products, Somebody like Okeke Chika Jerry, he is a good Novelist that have written so many novels, the secret to his sells is he has been visiting schools to sell his novels to the students that needs it

9. Giving out gifts or extras
So many new products in the word have been doing this to attract people to use their products, They use to do it in a way that if you buy their products, they will give you extra, for example, buy 2 and get 1 for free, some use to put something good inside their product, for example if you buy one of their product, you will see a brush inside it as a gift, Some will put something like code, if you get the particular code, you will win a gift, they use to call that one “Scratch and Win”, there are so many things they use to give out

8. Announcing about your product or Awareness
Every day at the main road you will see one bus or more than one bus, talking about one product or the other, mostly they use this particular number 8 to promote some of the artist, Party, the highest people  that is using it is church, they use it to let the people know about their crusade and others, this particular number 8, use to make people happy in some ways, like dancing etc, in times of awareness they use to do it with music, deejay, band etc

7. Going to weddings to promote your products
Almost all this people that is doing Decoration and baking, they do place banners in the reception hall, and they do talk about their product there

6. Going to birthday parties, etc to promote
So many dancers are use to this particular number 6, So many of them has been going to parties just to promote their dancing skills, and it do help them a lot, also it do help upcoming artists, People use to book them for shows from there, and there are so many other people using this particular method, and it have been helping them

5. Promoting your products in the church
So many people have been making a lot of money trough this, they use to meet the leader of the particular church they want to use, when the time reaches the leader will announce about them, and they will come and present their products

4. Using posters to showcase your product
Almost all the products in the markets are using this particular number 4, it do attract people very well, so many website have been receiving massive traffic from posters

3. Using handbills and Stickers
No day now you will not see anybody sharing handbill of his product, it do reaches more people and it is cheaper than posters

2. Placing of banners
People do place banners at so many places like, Park, Hotels, Companies, etc, and they do place banners on websites also

1. Promoting on social networks
Promoting on social networks is the most easiest and the most popular way to promote a product, And so many people have used it to gain buyers, Website traffics and so many of them, Online store like Jumia have gain a lot of buyers from Facebook, they always promote their products there, With so many other websites which have gain a lot of traffic from facebook
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