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How to Rank your fiverr Gig to make more money

How to Rank your fiverr Gig to make more money

For your gig to be on the first page of Fiverr, is what every Fiverr seller needs, It will help you to get more sells every day, if you are able to rank it well, this ranking of a thing needs allot of work, and it needs allot of uniqueness, if you cannot write a unique stuff like gig title, description, etc, you cannot work with Fiverr.
As an online marketer, Fiverr is the best place for you to work, in times of making money online, count Fiverr as number one,  but after creating your gig, your next target will base on ranking the gig to the 1st page, this will give you much respect on Fiverr, and you know what that means, if you don’t know, let me tell you, if you rank your Fiverr gig, if anybody searches anything about your Gig on Fiverr, your gig will be the first to appear there, from there people will respect your gig, and buy from you, it is on like if you search something on Google now the first page to appear, you will be seen it as the most informative page, it is also the same thing with Fiverr.
To rank your Fiverr Gig is simple but, it needs allot of time, don’t think about the allot of time that I said, what you need to focus on is the gain that will come out from it, on this jet age now, if you are not making money online, you are the one that is doing yourself, not me, so after reading this now, you need to put it in practice
If you are ready to make more money on Fiverr, this is the steps you are going to follow to rank all your Fiverr Gigs

Choose the right keywords for your gig
To do this it requires allot of allot of research and time, here I will tell you how to choose the right Gig keyword that can rank your gig to the first page

Check your competitors gig keywords: This place you need to visit Fiverr, check other peoples gig that are on the same niche with you, copy out their keywords one by one

Write down all the keywords that are related to your gig: For example, you are on writing niche, just go to Google Keyword Planner, search on Writing, you will see many keywords, write it down, adding it to the once you copied out from your competitors Gig

Do your research: This the head of all, because your research will only base on those Keywords that receives more searches every day, Choose 3 – 5 out of them, use it on your Gig, You can use Google Keyword Planner to do the research, Export everything to Ms Excel

Create a unique Fiverr Gig
This doesn’t mean that you should create something that has not been created on Fiverr before, the uniqueness we are talking of is Your gig title, your images, your description, you don’t need to copy somebody’s own, because Fiverr will not like it, even doe they did not block you, they will still block you, maybe when you have a large amount of money In your Fiverr account, they will now block you without alert, so be careful, copy and paste will affect your ranking

Work on your Review and Gig Views
If it is to spend money on this, please do it because you are going to earn more than you expected after some months, at least 10 review is ok for a new Gig, but as for your views keep on increasing it till you decide to stop using Fiverr
Good Luck

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