Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to Make Money Online With Fiverr

How to Make Money Online With Fiverr is an online large market place, where people sell their talents for 5$, but Fiverr will take only 1$ from the 5$, then 4$ will be left for you, that 4$ dollar is too small in your eyes right, well it is small but big, you are now thinking how some men are training their family trough this small thing, well let me tell you just imagine when you are getting more than 10 orders in a day, and you do meet up in delivering them, check it 4$ x 10, the answer is = 40$ , is the money still small, in a month you will be making 1000+$, some people do deliver 20 to 30 orders in a day, some 100 to 200 orders, those people are the Fiverr Kings and Queens, just check it if you are able to promote your gigs to that extent, are you not a rich man or woman, 4$ x 100 = 400$, wow you will be making 400$ everyday, in a month, it is 12,000 dollar, we have many experts out there that making such huge amount of money on Fiverr, well what matters on Fiverr is the type of Gig, you have to offer

What you have to know about Fiverr gig
Fiverr gig is the main offer that we are talking about, here is the example of Fiverr gig, I will cartoon your picture for 5$, I will paint a flag on your face for 5$, that is it, but one thing you must know about creating Fiverr gig, is that everything about your gig must be unique, don’t copy other peoples content, like description, Title, photos, etc, because Fiverr is strict with people that are use to copy and paste, they take it more serious than Google, Just imaging an account that has been existing since years ago, one particular day I decided to create a gig on it but I copied peoples content, reedited it small, just few minutes after creating the gig, they deactivated the account totally, So you see how strict they are, so everything about your gig must be unique

Some Gig Ideas
There are many jobs that you can deliver on Fiverr, the main thing there, anything that you are sure that you can work for 4$, even if it is something that needs shipping, your buyer will pay for it
Under graphics you can offer something like this
EBook Cover Design
Logo Design
Social Network profile covers
Cartooning of photo
Changing of photo background
Birthday Cards
Under S.E.O
S.eo Optimization
Submitting of Articles to Article Directories
For Website owners
Promote their products on your website
You can give them traffic from your website
Mostly anything that you can offer for 4$, but the truth is that on Fiverr now we have some gigs that are like celebrities, Gigs like Traffic gig, Backlink gigs, Article Directory Gigs, Writing and rewriting of article gigs, etc, many of them

Promoting your Gigs
This is where your hustle will base on, and it is something you must do, because allot of commpetision is going on, on Fiverr, Fiverr has more than 1 million sellers,  there are many ways to promote your gigs
For Example
Promoting your gigs on facebook
Promoting it on Google+
Then if you think you can make it big with your gig
You can run ads for it, by using ads network like
Bing ads network: Bing is another search engine like Google, but there ads network is more cheaper than Google ads network, if you know much about it, you will make it on Fiverr with Bing Ads
Promoting with S.e.o: You can do it by creating a website for it, customize the S.e.o very well post your Fiverr gigs on it, you are good to go
Good luck to you

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