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How to get Infolinks Approval and make money with it

How to get Infolinks Approval and make money with it

Infolinks is an alternative to Adsense, if you ask me, it is the second highest paying ads network, mostly they deals with text ads, there ads are been embedded on the website article, for example, if you enter a website and see that some of the website’s keywords are been highlighted with hyperlinks, mostly links like, that means the website is using Infolinks

How I was able to locate Infolinks
Adsense have stressed me allot, that time I applied for Adsense for over 20 times, and they kept on disapproving my website, I have created up to 5 websites because of Adsense, still it dint work out, I started looking for a way out, that was when I found out about infolinks from a friend that is using it, and it is working well, I decided to try it too

What you needs and the steps you need to take to get an Infolinks approval
You use your own website to work on this: The reason why is that they are not like Adsense that do approve only one website for each account, They must approve each and every one of your website before they will display their ads on your website, so be careful

Choose a good niche: The niches that am talking about is the niches that requires enough writing works, and a niche that do give good information, talking of information, the ones we are talking about are information from technology blogs, Relationship blogs, etc

You need a custom domain: Infolinks cannot accept a sub domain into their ads network, you must have a custom domain like .com, .net, .biz, etc

You need 100% unique article: Lolls where you thinking that you will not write article, my able fellow blogger, you must write, blogging is not for lazy people, so for you to get this ads network to like you and accept you into their ads company, you need to write a high quality content, that will be very informative

How many words of article is required: Some people will tell you that it is from 100 words up, is just nothing but a big lie, let me tell you the gospel truth, your article must start from 500 words up, that makes it to be more professional, it will increase your chance to work with Infolinks ads company, not only that, it will increase your S.e.o performance.
Numbers of articles required: Don’t be afraid because you will not stress yourself too much on this, you might be thinking that it will reach up to 30 unique articles, no it will not reach, here is the good news, what you need is only 8 articles on your website, and you are good to go

Post those articles on your website: The good news here, is that you don’t need to wait to be posting them one by one each day, you can post all of them at once if you like

Page views needed: Are you afraid when you saw page views, you might be thinking that it will reach like 1k page views, but let me tell you the truth, when I got my websites and other peoples website approved on Infolinks,  those websites where receiving nothing but 0 page views on their websites, are you surprise, yes it is possible even on Adsense, what matters is your high quality unique articles

Create these few pages mentioned bellow
About page
Contact us page
Privacy and Policy page
Disclaimer page

Submit your website to search engines: Search engines like Google Webmaster Tool and Bing Webmaster Tool

Then wait for some months: Don’t feel so disappointed, just wait for a month so that your articles will balance and normalize very well

Then Sign Up

Embed their code on your website header
Then wait for 2 days
After 2 days you will receive an approval message in your mail box, check your website, you will see their ads there

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