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How to get an adsense approval 2016 relaoded

How to get an adsense approval 2016 relaoded

Adsense is one of the highest paying CPC Network in the whole world, the dream of every blogger these days, is to fly Adsense banners on their website and earn a commission, nobody is after affiliate marketing and other ads network again
This days to get an Adsense approval is very hard, Adsense is bringing out more policy every day, but as a blogger, to tell you the truth you don’t need to rush into Adsense, create a root first before you go for Adsense, what Google needs is a great website that people will love to visit always without seen the ads on facebook or any other platform, in this article here I will tell you my own skills, I mean the skills that I used to get my own approved, First of all let me start with the story of  what I passed through with this Adsense of a thing

How I got stressed by Adsense
I created my first website on wordpress, I paid for the host, and domain, I posted about  100+ posts there, When I applied, they told me that I don’t have sufficient content, I said whaaat!!, this is madness, that time I haven’t know what they really wants, when I found out what they relly wanted by doing some researches, I created my second blog, I bent down, devoted all my time, from morning to evening, am busy writing articles, but that wasn’t really the problem, my problem was for Adsense to approve my application, so I took my second step with my 30 unique articles, still Adsense rejected me, I dint stop applying, I applies more than 10 times, still they keep on stressing me, I decided to look for a way out

How I was scammed with fake Adsense
This was when I started regretting why I entered into blogging, because I lost huge amount of money in it, a guy told me on Facebook that he will help me get my website approved, I was wondering how he is going to do it, he told me that I have to pay some amount of money before he will do it for me, I sent the money to him, since that time, his number is not going again, he blocked me from seen him on Facebook, that was how I lost my money

I decided to quit blogging   
Lolls Is funny right, but that was the truth, this was why I quitted, it have ate allot of my money, and am not gaining anything from it, but the quitting helped me allot on my offline job, which is Graphics designing, it helped me to develop more skills, I really thank God for everything

Why I decided to return
The reason was just because I dint run the blogging stuff like a man, I started regretting why I dint go further, when I saw some of my friends Adsense approval massage, this guys that am talking about now, they are my closest friends in the world of blogging, they dint quit blogging, the time I decided to quit, they keep on pushing, till they came out as a winner, so I have to go back and hustle for my own

Before we start you need to read this
Google Adsense Prohibited Niches
These niches are the types of niches that are not allowed on Google Adsense, One of them are Adult niches, Weapon Niches, Website that is talking about drugs, illegal contents, etc
You can CLICK HERE to see others on Adsense support web page
Note: Don’t use entertainment website to apply for Google Adsense, You must be 18+, you must have a Google account, you must be good at writing
What you need is a niche that will help people to archive goals, niches like relationship niche, Technology niche, Make money Online, etc
Now am going to tell you how I did my revenge in the world of blogging

1.       Get a blogger.com website
Blogger.com is a free website host, which is owned by Google.com, and it is very easy to handle it

2.       Get a good custom domain
Before you choose your domain name, you need to do a great research about it, when choosing your domain, choose a doming that is not against Adsense policy, and try to get an S.E.O friendly domain, and it will increase your chances of approval

3.       Design your website to the test of S.e.o, not to your test
The design of your website matters allot, you need a design that is easy to navigate, it must be S.E.O friendly, this will help Google bot to crawl it very easy, or you can download an already made S.E.O friendly template, search it on Google you must see one

4.       You need a 100% unique article
This is the quality of a blog we are talking about since 1990s, let me repeat this again, if you are lazy, this article is not for you, because a full time blogger will not ever in his or her life hope on copy and paste, stop copy and paste, it will not help you in the future, so talking of unique articles, you need to bring out all your time to write down something, just believe that you can do it, all you need to do is to research on a particular niche and topic, write down some points, then write yours with your own type of English language
How many words is required: Some unknown black hats webmaster said it is from 100 words up, but my fellow blogger if you follow them, you will fall into the pit, The article must start from 500words up, but remember this, the higher the words, the higher the chance of your approval
How I use to get my unique articles: The main thing, that am doing is just to check the plagiarism of my content at SmallS.E.O, after checking it I will change the line that has already existed
Numbers of contents: Many professionals do get their approval with only 3 – 4 articles but they must be a 100% good optimized articles, well when I got approved I have only 14 articles on my website
Images I used: I am the one that created all the images that I used on the articles, Well there are many websites that will give you free images, please and please don’t go and copy images from Google images, because it is risk, you might spoil your unique article with it, if it is necessary that you will copy from Google, please edit it very well before posting it

5.       Post your articles
Some bloggers do kill their selves here, you don’t need to post everything at once, you have to post your articles one by one, maybe 2 articles in a day, for example: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, so that they will not take you as a copy and paste blogger

6.       Add your website to these web tools
Google Analystics: Add your website to this great Google tool, it helps Google to crawl your website according to the grade of your website, adding your website there will also show Google how serious you are with your users, it will also show them that you are watching in and out of your users and your views, You can add it to your website from HERE
Google/Bing Webmaster: You need it to tell Google that you are the rightful owner of the website, all you need to do is just to register and copy the verification codes and paste on your website, Below are the links to their registration page

7.       Submit your Xml Sitemap page
This will help Google to index your contents easily, and you will be using it to check the movement of Google crawler on your website

8.       Robots.txt
Customize it very well, and you can also use it to tell Google crawler, where to go and where to avoid on your website

9.       Alexa Rank
It matters allot, Google do value it, they believe that any website with low rank, did not have any valuable thing to offer, and mostly they do see it as a new website
Please before you apply, your rank must be less than 400k, It will increase your chance of approval

10.   Add the below pages
These pages are important on a website, and It also shows Google how important your users are to you
Privacy Policy Page: If you cannot write it by yourself, goto Google.com and search Adsense Privacy Policy Generator, the first one to display is the one you are going to use
Terms of Use Page: This is where you will tell your users how to use your website, you can check other peoples own, use it to get experience on how to write your own
Contact Us: This shows Google that you are for real, and It tells Google that you are the reall owner of the website, because you are going to put your real name there
About Us: Use this to tell users what your website is all about, I advice that you also add the link to your contact page there
Advertise: Hope you know what it is all about, this also shows Google how matured you are, it shows Google that you are willing to advertise for any company
DMCA: This page is a disclaimers page, this page is among the most important page on a website that is working with Adsense and Search Engine, Because it shows that you are also against copy and paste, and it shows how important other peoples material are to you

11.   Remove all the ads on your website
Google Adsense, they are always very jealous, they don’t like seen other ads on a website that want to apply for Google Adsense, so you need to remove it, for your approval consideration

12.   Your traffic source
The advisable traffic source now is S.E.O traffic, because from there mostly, you will be getting targeted traffic, Google do value S.E.O traffic more than anything, the reason why you must not buy traffic is that you don’t know where there traffic is coming from, most of these guys are selling fake traffic, So be careful

13.   Wait for a month +
Yes you have to wait till when you start receiving good traffic from Google, backlinks, etc
While waiting I advice you use that opportunity to work on your rank, submit your website to directories, Work on your backlinks, Etc
Use that small time you have to read the bellow articles from Google Adsense support page

14.   Then you apply
While filling the form, make sure that you used the correct information, and please reedit your form before clicking Sign Up button
Click here to SIGN UP
Good luck

Please leave your comment, and also your own view is important to us, also if there is anything you did not understand use the comment box

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