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How to build a successful website and Make money with it

How to build a successful website and Make money with it

In this jet age, to build a successful website is very hard, building a successful website is almost the same thing with projecting a musician, this will eat allot of money, one thing I want you to know is that nothing comes so easy like that, you need to invest in it before you start thinking of things like earning from the website, one of my mentor in blogging, I will not mention his name here yet, this guy have worked on his website for not less than 2 years before he started thinking of anything earning, you have to blog for your readers first before anything else
If you really need to become a successful website owner, read this post from the beginning to the end
Let’s go with the first thing to do

Choose a good name for your website
Choosing this name of a thing is not just what you choose under few hours, you need to give it up to a month, so that you will get a name that will make people happy, whenever they hear it, and try to find a name that is easy for people to mention, try to use a name that is not more than 2 words, don’t choose a name that has more than 2 words, it is not advisable

Buy the custom domain
After choosing a domain name, you don’t need to use the sub domain, you need to buy a custom domain, examples of custom domains are, .com, .net .org, etc, you can get a domain for 14$ a year, You can buy it at Godaddy, NameCheap, there are many trusted domain registrar out there, all you need to do is to sign up with them and buy your custom domain

Use a paid host
This paid host of a thing is where some people do run, you don’t need to run because of the paid host, like I said in the beginning, you must spend on a business before you start gaining from the business, you can get paid host from Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, and many of them

Install a good script
I recommend Wordpress, it is one of the easiest now, it has allot of features, It using plugin that will help you to add features as many as you like

Use a good design
I advice you hire someone that will design a good theme for you or you buy a premium theme, try to make your theme simple, don’t add overload on it, optimize it in a way that it will be Seo Friendly, this will help you allot

Work on quality contents not quantity 
Don’t allow copy and paste to rule your website, because it will take you to no man’s home, it will give you a low rank, you need a unique content, content that will look different to your users, even doe it will take you the time to rewrite the once you copied from other website, it will be 100% cool

Employ writers
What I mean by writers is people that can write articles very well, pay them for their hard works on your website, so that they will improve their skills

Dont think about how to earn yet
This do kill allot of b bloggers, how will I earn from this website under few weeks, some do carry money on mind before entering into blogging, well it is not like that, you need to remove everything about money from your mind, and wait for the right time

Wait for some months for your website to be recognized
If possible I advice you wait for a year, by then you will now have up to 2000 articles on your website, and allot of page views from google, then start thinking of how to gain from your hustle
Thanks for reading, am wishing you success blogging

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