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How to become a computer wizard

How to become a computer wizard

This is a very big tax that will take you years to archive, new ways of operating the computer do come out every day, it is not that easy to be a computer wizard, but just believe in yourself if you really want to do this, I started my computer journey, with no computer, but by the types of phones that I do see around me do give me the vision of how computer’s interface will look like, first of all, I started with mastering mobile phones then, they use too call me phone wizard, it helped me allot, to me am not yet that expert that I wanted to be, but to them am already a 100% expert, till when I found myself on a computer, a friend paid for time at Cyber Cafe that day, the workers there opened the Mozilla Fire Fox for us, with the little knowledge that I have with phone browsing, I was able to handle the Mozilla fire fox, if I was able to do it, you yourself is capable of doing it too

Tips that will help you to become that wizard
First of all let’s start with What is Computer
In my own understanding, computer is just an electronics device or machine that you can use as a data base where you store all your information, and where you receive, search for information’s
Computer can be simply defined as
An electronics device that is programmed to accept storing, receiving, of daters

You must know how to read and understands very well
Talking of reading is not just an ABC reading, Computer is like a book, and also it has some kind of a teacher in it, that tells you that this will happen if you click this
For Example
If you put your mouse on shut down button, a tips box will appear and tell you to close all your programs, and click on this button to turn off that program
Have you seen one of the reasons why you must know how to read and understand everything you see on your computer?
I advice that you buy a dictionary, just for you to be careful with your computer

Be careful with the way you handles your pc, read before you click to avoid spoiling your computer

Associate with other computer literates
This is the next step you need to take, look around you, you must have someone that knows more about computer, better if the person also have a computer, by coming close to them very well, after 1 month, you will grab the persons computer knowledge, and step forward, but to tell you the truth you don’t need to leave the persons side after grabbing his knowledge, because if it is somebody like me, I like upgrading my computer skills every day, new updates do come out everyday

Go to computer school
This will help you to meet people that has the same vision with you, if they have 50 students in the school at least, 10 of them must have the same vision with you, those 10 people will be ready to pass trough anything to make sure that they become the computer wizard that they wanted to be, we do call those type of people “Computer die hard”, in computer school they will not teach you all the things that you need to know, but they will teach you much things that will help you to upgrade your computer skills to the next level

Try to do a 1 month I.T in a computer shop
This will help you to master some things in computer, after my computer school, I did not do any I.T, but I started working for one man, I don’t have any laptop that time but I am using the man’s laptop to master everything that I learnt from computer school, till after some years

Base on researching and PDF files
At this stage you need to have a laptop or desktop, and a smart phone that can browse, there are many articles online that can teach you many more things about computer, this research of a thing helped me allot, I do download many PDF files, I advice you do so, With Google you will become the king of the game

Make your work computerized
If you are not doing a computer job, try to do everything possible to attach computer to any work you found yourself in
You can go further to study computer science in the University
Is not a must, but if you have the money I advice you go for it
I hope you understand this, this article I wrote it from what I experienced, It will also help you allot

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