Thursday, 22 June 2017

Blogging Tips and what to consider before you become a blogger

Blogging Tips and what to consider before you become a blogger


   So many people are now entering into blogging, thinking that blogging is all about money, well for your information, Blogging is not all about money, another thing is that if you are a blogger and you are doing copy and paste, you haven’t start, blogging is all about sharing your experience with other people, not copying what your coo blogger, wrote by his or her self, let me tell you if you really want to be a blogger, try and be creative and create articles by yourself,
     Before you become a full blogger you must have the knowledge of html first, Some people that did not know anything about html use to jump into blogging, which make them a fool in the eyes of big bloggers, at least if you don’t know how to code, you must know small tips about html, so that others won’t be seen you as a fool, Like one of my friend I use to trick him with my little html knowledge, by telling him this is what html will do on your website and he will give me a little token, for me to apply it immediately
You will also need a little money, well for you to buy your domain you need a little money, not only domain, also for you to get a good host you must pay, though there are so many free trusted host like, and others, that you can use, for your website advertisement, you need to advertise it online for people to know about the website, you won’t stay and only base on sharing links on social network

    The most important thing is your time, some people do rush into blogging, When they don’t have common 30mins time to spend online, Please let me tell you if you don’t have up to one hour to spend with your laptop, that means your destiny is not blogging, if you call yourself a blogger, you must give it your hole time, I have a story about someone who his blog is receiving up to one thousand page view a day, but he did not have much time to spend for his blog, his blog is now down and receiving not up to ten page view a day

  Before I start blogging I first test my html knowledge on, there I passed through so many challenges, for me to gain more knowledge I have to go to other wapka websites to check on it and try to also code the design they code on their website, if you want to be really good in html you have to try this wapka site, it really helped me a lot in html, though I went to computer school where they teached us html but that wasn’t enough because I already have a big knowledge about html before entering the school, and they thought me everything that I know before in html, though I did not regret it because it helped me to be more confident with my knowledge  

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