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10 Tips on how to become a Virtual Dj Expert

10 Tips on how to become a Virtual Dj Expert

This Dj of a thing is a kind of entertainment business that is growing every day, many people are into Dj business, many people wants to become a dj, so you as a dj, you need to be well loaded and you need to be different from other people, I have been in the Dj field for many years now, I have gone to many occasions, I have asked many questions, so after everything I was able to come up with this article
Now these are the tips that will help you to become a virtual DJ expert
1.       Work with your ear
Whenever you are working on Virtual Dj, Listen very carefully before playing any music, What the people needs is a music that is on the same pattern, know when your sounds is going out of the range, for example, there are some music that use to skater the music equalizer whenever you play it in virtual dj, master all those musics, and correct your equalizer before it will skater things for you

2.       Use your sync button very well
Know when the music you sync is going out of the temp, always click the sync button, The shortcut to it is (SHIFT + SPACE BAR) , you can use the shortcut to make it more fun

3.       Use a good temp
Don’t make your music to be faster than what human can dance on, so that it will not stress the fun, the normal temp 130, don’t allow it to be faster than that 130

4.       Don’t over loop your music
Don’t allow the loop to play more than 3 times it makes it boring, and it might stop the fun that is already taking place on the dance floor

5.       Normalize your Volumes
This number 5 now is very important, I  suppose to attach it in number 1, but I dint becouse I want you to recognize it, I always like to make my article to be more informative, Normalizing your volume in virtual dj is very important, Make all the volumes of the music to be in the same level, Not deck one volume 50%, then deck 2 volume 60%, that will skater your music, also make use of the Gain circle button, it do skater the volume of the music sometimes

6.       Make use of your environment
If you come to an occasion like this, look around, watch the type of people that is there to know the type of music that you will be playing for them, that can high their spirits, know the type of occasion that they are doing there and play the music that will rhyme with the occasion

7.       Always be in spirit of music
This will help you to know the type of music that will fit the moment, it will help you with your dj swag, for example the way you moves your body, it matters allot, because you are the one that is going to move the people to dance, this is how you are going to move the people to dance, the way you moves our body, that’s all

8.       Don’t always play latest music
This helps allot, not all the people on the dance floor have already hard the latest music in town, Sometimes you need to work mostly with the old music so that everybody will dance to the tune

9.       Make friends with other Djs
At least it helps you to get the latest samples that those djs are using, it will help you to learn more skills, from them you will know the best instrument in town

10.   Join the Groups, Associations, etc
Like on FaceBook, you will see many groups that been created for only Djs, In your area you must see a group of djs that has their own particular day of meeting, all you have to do is to join them, and do the meeting of a thing

Note: Always practice your virtual dj at home, so that you will not be disappointed on stage
This few tips are the secret to my success in dj field, Dj is not just something that we have to be doing just for fun, you need to upgrade in your skills, so that people will like your job, your target on this job will always be focused on how to satisfy your client

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