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How to make 20$ everyday on adsense without spending

Earning money from a website is the best thing that will ever happen to a blogger, But this days you have to work hard, this article is not for a copy and paste blogger, but for a content writer, content writers are the people that we do recognize as bloggers, they are the people that Google wants to be there friend, they are not lazy, they do bring out their time to work out something good for their users, so If you are a copy and paste blogger this article is not for you, Just imagine 20$ everyday in a month calculate it 20$ x 30days, If you don’t know the answer, it is 600$

  Before you proceed make sure that, after reading this article now you will put it into action, don’t be a lazy blogger
Well let me minimize my talks, and go straight to the point
This few tips are the secret that I used to make such huge amount of money on ADSENSE
You need a good Keyword that people searches everyday on Google
Before you use any keyword on your website, you will first of all do a very strong 100% research on google, bing, etc, Some keywords are bad they will not help you out to archive this goal online, so you need to do a great keyword research before you use it on your website, the keyword research will help you get in touch with the keywords in which people searches mostly on google and bing

  You need a well optimized unique article
As a blogger you must know how to write an article by yourself, you don’t need copy and paste to archive this particular goal, so if you hope on copy and paste, you are heading to nowhere, write an article that will attract people to your website, an article that will be not less than 500 words, if you can write more than 500 words, you are good to go, because the higher your article, the higher google adsense will like you more

  Build your backlinks
You need it because you need to rank your website for it to display on the first page of google, if your website is displaying on google’s first page, do you know that you will be the owner of traffic, you don’t need to stress yourself looking for traffic again, but sometimes after ranking a website, your website will not display on google’s first page, this is simply because you don’t have what the people are looking for, and also your articles must be unique

  Numbers of posts needed
You need not less than 500 posts to archive this goal, the higher your unique post, the more your traffic from google will grow, this is one of the reason why I said this article don’t need lazy bloggers, you need to work hard, to make it to the point that will lead you to victory

  Add related post on your website and popular post
This is very important because it will help you gain more views on your website

  Optimize your adsense Rpm
This will help you to earn high dollar from adsense, even when you are receiving small traffic, mostly the source of your traffic will also help you to earn high on Adsense, traffic like, the once from Usa, etc, then there are some keywords that do help to high rpm, keywords like donation of cars etc, you can go and do research about it, just go to google search, High paying adsense keywords, you will see the list there

  Submit your unique articles to article directories
This will get for you excess traffic from those directories
So after doing all this, just sit back and watch your traffic and your adsense earning glow like an unlimited tape
If there is any question or any suggestion on this article drop it with the comment box, Thanks

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Blogging Tips and what to consider before you become a blogger

Blogging Tips and what to consider before you become a blogger


   So many people are now entering into blogging, thinking that blogging is all about money, well for your information, Blogging is not all about money, another thing is that if you are a blogger and you are doing copy and paste, you haven’t start, blogging is all about sharing your experience with other people, not copying what your coo blogger, wrote by his or her self, let me tell you if you really want to be a blogger, try and be creative and create articles by yourself,
     Before you become a full blogger you must have the knowledge of html first, Some people that did not know anything about html use to jump into blogging, which make them a fool in the eyes of big bloggers, at least if you don’t know how to code, you must know small tips about html, so that others won’t be seen you as a fool, Like one of my friend I use to trick him with my little html knowledge, by telling him this is what html will do on your website and he will give me a little token, for me to apply it immediately
You will also need a little money, well for you to buy your domain you need a little money, not only domain, also for you to get a good host you must pay, though there are so many free trusted host like, and others, that you can use, for your website advertisement, you need to advertise it online for people to know about the website, you won’t stay and only base on sharing links on social network

    The most important thing is your time, some people do rush into blogging, When they don’t have common 30mins time to spend online, Please let me tell you if you don’t have up to one hour to spend with your laptop, that means your destiny is not blogging, if you call yourself a blogger, you must give it your hole time, I have a story about someone who his blog is receiving up to one thousand page view a day, but he did not have much time to spend for his blog, his blog is now down and receiving not up to ten page view a day

  Before I start blogging I first test my html knowledge on, there I passed through so many challenges, for me to gain more knowledge I have to go to other wapka websites to check on it and try to also code the design they code on their website, if you want to be really good in html you have to try this wapka site, it really helped me a lot in html, though I went to computer school where they teached us html but that wasn’t enough because I already have a big knowledge about html before entering the school, and they thought me everything that I know before in html, though I did not regret it because it helped me to be more confident with my knowledge  
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Top 5 business you can do online to make more income

Top 5 business you can do online to make more income

Now online business is the easiest business that people can do now, many people out there have been using it to make a lot of money, Online business will keep you out from bad friends, because it will always keep you busy, you will not be going out like before, Online business is the only business that will not stress you that much, like that of serving meson, Mechanic, and so on
    So a guy like me, I don’t like anything that will stress me or stain my body or something like that, Since 2007 till now, online business is what have been keeping me busy, at least I have been making a little amount of money from it, The only problem I have then, is that I did not have a laptop of my own, For you to be updated, you need a laptop first before anything, and you need to know at least small information about Internet, I started using computer since my secondly school, so I know everything I need to know about internet
   Brothers and sisters, I hereby present this great article, and the TOP 5 business you can do online without stress and others

This is one of the techniques many people are using to make a lot of money, and it is one of the easiest, all you need to do is to just register on one of the website that is allowing affiliate partners, and get your own unique link, and start sharing the link to people, You can locate this type of website by checking all this top Online Store websites like jumia and others

This is another easy online deal that can get you a lot of money without stress, all you need to do is to find a website that will pay you for each user that registered from your unique link, to find all this websites is easy all you need to do is to google it, And be always online to be updated

This will earn some big token, All you need to do is to upload peoples product, music, video online and help them to share it, There are a lot of media file website out there, which allows you to upload your music, video, photos, free, and so many of them

If you are somebody that have a hand work like designing of graphics and others, you can place your gig on any of the market place, and start making money with that your hand work

This one is the best among all, it will earn you a lot of money, but you need to work hard for traffic and Ads network, To get an ads network like Adsense, You need to make everything you are doing unique before you purplish, Adsense is one of the highest ads network that do pay website owners, After getting adsense you will need a lot of traffic

Try to keep yourself busy with what can make your life better
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Top 10 ways to run promotion and make money from it

We all know there are so many easiest way to promote products, websites in the world, but few are easy and 99% of people in the world have been promoting there products using this top 10, the top 10 is also what can help you if you put it in practice, this top 10 are not among the most wanted but it is among the everyday activities that people use to do, No day now in this world, you will see no one, promoting his or her product using the top 10 easiest ways of promoting

Top 10 ways to run promotion and make money from it

Below are the lists of the Top 10 easiest way of promoting

10. Promoting your products in school
This number 10 now, have helped so many of our people to sell their products, Most especially people that based in written and producing books, novel etc, and it have also helped some of this education bloggers, Try and check it, everyday you enter the school environment, you must see one group or more than that is telling the students about their products, Somebody like Okeke Chika Jerry, he is a good Novelist that have written so many novels, the secret to his sells is he has been visiting schools to sell his novels to the students that needs it

9. Giving out gifts or extras
So many new products in the word have been doing this to attract people to use their products, They use to do it in a way that if you buy their products, they will give you extra, for example, buy 2 and get 1 for free, some use to put something good inside their product, for example if you buy one of their product, you will see a brush inside it as a gift, Some will put something like code, if you get the particular code, you will win a gift, they use to call that one “Scratch and Win”, there are so many things they use to give out

8. Announcing about your product or Awareness
Every day at the main road you will see one bus or more than one bus, talking about one product or the other, mostly they use this particular number 8 to promote some of the artist, Party, the highest people  that is using it is church, they use it to let the people know about their crusade and others, this particular number 8, use to make people happy in some ways, like dancing etc, in times of awareness they use to do it with music, deejay, band etc

7. Going to weddings to promote your products
Almost all this people that is doing Decoration and baking, they do place banners in the reception hall, and they do talk about their product there

6. Going to birthday parties, etc to promote
So many dancers are use to this particular number 6, So many of them has been going to parties just to promote their dancing skills, and it do help them a lot, also it do help upcoming artists, People use to book them for shows from there, and there are so many other people using this particular method, and it have been helping them

5. Promoting your products in the church
So many people have been making a lot of money trough this, they use to meet the leader of the particular church they want to use, when the time reaches the leader will announce about them, and they will come and present their products

4. Using posters to showcase your product
Almost all the products in the markets are using this particular number 4, it do attract people very well, so many website have been receiving massive traffic from posters

3. Using handbills and Stickers
No day now you will not see anybody sharing handbill of his product, it do reaches more people and it is cheaper than posters

2. Placing of banners
People do place banners at so many places like, Park, Hotels, Companies, etc, and they do place banners on websites also

1. Promoting on social networks
Promoting on social networks is the most easiest and the most popular way to promote a product, And so many people have used it to gain buyers, Website traffics and so many of them, Online store like Jumia have gain a lot of buyers from Facebook, they always promote their products there, With so many other websites which have gain a lot of traffic from facebook
Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by
Comment and share

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How to get an adsense approval 2016 relaoded

How to get an adsense approval 2016 relaoded

Adsense is one of the highest paying CPC Network in the whole world, the dream of every blogger these days, is to fly Adsense banners on their website and earn a commission, nobody is after affiliate marketing and other ads network again
This days to get an Adsense approval is very hard, Adsense is bringing out more policy every day, but as a blogger, to tell you the truth you don’t need to rush into Adsense, create a root first before you go for Adsense, what Google needs is a great website that people will love to visit always without seen the ads on facebook or any other platform, in this article here I will tell you my own skills, I mean the skills that I used to get my own approved, First of all let me start with the story of  what I passed through with this Adsense of a thing

How I got stressed by Adsense
I created my first website on wordpress, I paid for the host, and domain, I posted about  100+ posts there, When I applied, they told me that I don’t have sufficient content, I said whaaat!!, this is madness, that time I haven’t know what they really wants, when I found out what they relly wanted by doing some researches, I created my second blog, I bent down, devoted all my time, from morning to evening, am busy writing articles, but that wasn’t really the problem, my problem was for Adsense to approve my application, so I took my second step with my 30 unique articles, still Adsense rejected me, I dint stop applying, I applies more than 10 times, still they keep on stressing me, I decided to look for a way out

How I was scammed with fake Adsense
This was when I started regretting why I entered into blogging, because I lost huge amount of money in it, a guy told me on Facebook that he will help me get my website approved, I was wondering how he is going to do it, he told me that I have to pay some amount of money before he will do it for me, I sent the money to him, since that time, his number is not going again, he blocked me from seen him on Facebook, that was how I lost my money

I decided to quit blogging   
Lolls Is funny right, but that was the truth, this was why I quitted, it have ate allot of my money, and am not gaining anything from it, but the quitting helped me allot on my offline job, which is Graphics designing, it helped me to develop more skills, I really thank God for everything

Why I decided to return
The reason was just because I dint run the blogging stuff like a man, I started regretting why I dint go further, when I saw some of my friends Adsense approval massage, this guys that am talking about now, they are my closest friends in the world of blogging, they dint quit blogging, the time I decided to quit, they keep on pushing, till they came out as a winner, so I have to go back and hustle for my own

Before we start you need to read this
Google Adsense Prohibited Niches
These niches are the types of niches that are not allowed on Google Adsense, One of them are Adult niches, Weapon Niches, Website that is talking about drugs, illegal contents, etc
You can CLICK HERE to see others on Adsense support web page
Note: Don’t use entertainment website to apply for Google Adsense, You must be 18+, you must have a Google account, you must be good at writing
What you need is a niche that will help people to archive goals, niches like relationship niche, Technology niche, Make money Online, etc
Now am going to tell you how I did my revenge in the world of blogging

1.       Get a website is a free website host, which is owned by, and it is very easy to handle it

2.       Get a good custom domain
Before you choose your domain name, you need to do a great research about it, when choosing your domain, choose a doming that is not against Adsense policy, and try to get an S.E.O friendly domain, and it will increase your chances of approval

3.       Design your website to the test of S.e.o, not to your test
The design of your website matters allot, you need a design that is easy to navigate, it must be S.E.O friendly, this will help Google bot to crawl it very easy, or you can download an already made S.E.O friendly template, search it on Google you must see one

4.       You need a 100% unique article
This is the quality of a blog we are talking about since 1990s, let me repeat this again, if you are lazy, this article is not for you, because a full time blogger will not ever in his or her life hope on copy and paste, stop copy and paste, it will not help you in the future, so talking of unique articles, you need to bring out all your time to write down something, just believe that you can do it, all you need to do is to research on a particular niche and topic, write down some points, then write yours with your own type of English language
How many words is required: Some unknown black hats webmaster said it is from 100 words up, but my fellow blogger if you follow them, you will fall into the pit, The article must start from 500words up, but remember this, the higher the words, the higher the chance of your approval
How I use to get my unique articles: The main thing, that am doing is just to check the plagiarism of my content at SmallS.E.O, after checking it I will change the line that has already existed
Numbers of contents: Many professionals do get their approval with only 3 – 4 articles but they must be a 100% good optimized articles, well when I got approved I have only 14 articles on my website
Images I used: I am the one that created all the images that I used on the articles, Well there are many websites that will give you free images, please and please don’t go and copy images from Google images, because it is risk, you might spoil your unique article with it, if it is necessary that you will copy from Google, please edit it very well before posting it

5.       Post your articles
Some bloggers do kill their selves here, you don’t need to post everything at once, you have to post your articles one by one, maybe 2 articles in a day, for example: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, so that they will not take you as a copy and paste blogger

6.       Add your website to these web tools
Google Analystics: Add your website to this great Google tool, it helps Google to crawl your website according to the grade of your website, adding your website there will also show Google how serious you are with your users, it will also show them that you are watching in and out of your users and your views, You can add it to your website from HERE
Google/Bing Webmaster: You need it to tell Google that you are the rightful owner of the website, all you need to do is just to register and copy the verification codes and paste on your website, Below are the links to their registration page

7.       Submit your Xml Sitemap page
This will help Google to index your contents easily, and you will be using it to check the movement of Google crawler on your website

8.       Robots.txt
Customize it very well, and you can also use it to tell Google crawler, where to go and where to avoid on your website

9.       Alexa Rank
It matters allot, Google do value it, they believe that any website with low rank, did not have any valuable thing to offer, and mostly they do see it as a new website
Please before you apply, your rank must be less than 400k, It will increase your chance of approval

10.   Add the below pages
These pages are important on a website, and It also shows Google how important your users are to you
Privacy Policy Page: If you cannot write it by yourself, goto and search Adsense Privacy Policy Generator, the first one to display is the one you are going to use
Terms of Use Page: This is where you will tell your users how to use your website, you can check other peoples own, use it to get experience on how to write your own
Contact Us: This shows Google that you are for real, and It tells Google that you are the reall owner of the website, because you are going to put your real name there
About Us: Use this to tell users what your website is all about, I advice that you also add the link to your contact page there
Advertise: Hope you know what it is all about, this also shows Google how matured you are, it shows Google that you are willing to advertise for any company
DMCA: This page is a disclaimers page, this page is among the most important page on a website that is working with Adsense and Search Engine, Because it shows that you are also against copy and paste, and it shows how important other peoples material are to you

11.   Remove all the ads on your website
Google Adsense, they are always very jealous, they don’t like seen other ads on a website that want to apply for Google Adsense, so you need to remove it, for your approval consideration

12.   Your traffic source
The advisable traffic source now is S.E.O traffic, because from there mostly, you will be getting targeted traffic, Google do value S.E.O traffic more than anything, the reason why you must not buy traffic is that you don’t know where there traffic is coming from, most of these guys are selling fake traffic, So be careful

13.   Wait for a month +
Yes you have to wait till when you start receiving good traffic from Google, backlinks, etc
While waiting I advice you use that opportunity to work on your rank, submit your website to directories, Work on your backlinks, Etc
Use that small time you have to read the bellow articles from Google Adsense support page

14.   Then you apply
While filling the form, make sure that you used the correct information, and please reedit your form before clicking Sign Up button
Click here to SIGN UP
Good luck

Please leave your comment, and also your own view is important to us, also if there is anything you did not understand use the comment box
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Sunday, 18 June 2017

10 Tips on how to become a Virtual Dj Expert

10 Tips on how to become a Virtual Dj Expert

This Dj of a thing is a kind of entertainment business that is growing every day, many people are into Dj business, many people wants to become a dj, so you as a dj, you need to be well loaded and you need to be different from other people, I have been in the Dj field for many years now, I have gone to many occasions, I have asked many questions, so after everything I was able to come up with this article
Now these are the tips that will help you to become a virtual DJ expert
1.       Work with your ear
Whenever you are working on Virtual Dj, Listen very carefully before playing any music, What the people needs is a music that is on the same pattern, know when your sounds is going out of the range, for example, there are some music that use to skater the music equalizer whenever you play it in virtual dj, master all those musics, and correct your equalizer before it will skater things for you

2.       Use your sync button very well
Know when the music you sync is going out of the temp, always click the sync button, The shortcut to it is (SHIFT + SPACE BAR) , you can use the shortcut to make it more fun

3.       Use a good temp
Don’t make your music to be faster than what human can dance on, so that it will not stress the fun, the normal temp 130, don’t allow it to be faster than that 130

4.       Don’t over loop your music
Don’t allow the loop to play more than 3 times it makes it boring, and it might stop the fun that is already taking place on the dance floor

5.       Normalize your Volumes
This number 5 now is very important, I  suppose to attach it in number 1, but I dint becouse I want you to recognize it, I always like to make my article to be more informative, Normalizing your volume in virtual dj is very important, Make all the volumes of the music to be in the same level, Not deck one volume 50%, then deck 2 volume 60%, that will skater your music, also make use of the Gain circle button, it do skater the volume of the music sometimes

6.       Make use of your environment
If you come to an occasion like this, look around, watch the type of people that is there to know the type of music that you will be playing for them, that can high their spirits, know the type of occasion that they are doing there and play the music that will rhyme with the occasion

7.       Always be in spirit of music
This will help you to know the type of music that will fit the moment, it will help you with your dj swag, for example the way you moves your body, it matters allot, because you are the one that is going to move the people to dance, this is how you are going to move the people to dance, the way you moves our body, that’s all

8.       Don’t always play latest music
This helps allot, not all the people on the dance floor have already hard the latest music in town, Sometimes you need to work mostly with the old music so that everybody will dance to the tune

9.       Make friends with other Djs
At least it helps you to get the latest samples that those djs are using, it will help you to learn more skills, from them you will know the best instrument in town

10.   Join the Groups, Associations, etc
Like on FaceBook, you will see many groups that been created for only Djs, In your area you must see a group of djs that has their own particular day of meeting, all you have to do is to join them, and do the meeting of a thing

Note: Always practice your virtual dj at home, so that you will not be disappointed on stage
This few tips are the secret to my success in dj field, Dj is not just something that we have to be doing just for fun, you need to upgrade in your skills, so that people will like your job, your target on this job will always be focused on how to satisfy your client

Please to help us glow more, your comment is needed and please share to your friends
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Saturday, 17 June 2017

How to build a successful website and Make money with it

How to build a successful website and Make money with it

In this jet age, to build a successful website is very hard, building a successful website is almost the same thing with projecting a musician, this will eat allot of money, one thing I want you to know is that nothing comes so easy like that, you need to invest in it before you start thinking of things like earning from the website, one of my mentor in blogging, I will not mention his name here yet, this guy have worked on his website for not less than 2 years before he started thinking of anything earning, you have to blog for your readers first before anything else
If you really need to become a successful website owner, read this post from the beginning to the end
Let’s go with the first thing to do

Choose a good name for your website
Choosing this name of a thing is not just what you choose under few hours, you need to give it up to a month, so that you will get a name that will make people happy, whenever they hear it, and try to find a name that is easy for people to mention, try to use a name that is not more than 2 words, don’t choose a name that has more than 2 words, it is not advisable

Buy the custom domain
After choosing a domain name, you don’t need to use the sub domain, you need to buy a custom domain, examples of custom domains are, .com, .net .org, etc, you can get a domain for 14$ a year, You can buy it at Godaddy, NameCheap, there are many trusted domain registrar out there, all you need to do is to sign up with them and buy your custom domain

Use a paid host
This paid host of a thing is where some people do run, you don’t need to run because of the paid host, like I said in the beginning, you must spend on a business before you start gaining from the business, you can get paid host from Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, and many of them

Install a good script
I recommend Wordpress, it is one of the easiest now, it has allot of features, It using plugin that will help you to add features as many as you like

Use a good design
I advice you hire someone that will design a good theme for you or you buy a premium theme, try to make your theme simple, don’t add overload on it, optimize it in a way that it will be Seo Friendly, this will help you allot

Work on quality contents not quantity 
Don’t allow copy and paste to rule your website, because it will take you to no man’s home, it will give you a low rank, you need a unique content, content that will look different to your users, even doe it will take you the time to rewrite the once you copied from other website, it will be 100% cool

Employ writers
What I mean by writers is people that can write articles very well, pay them for their hard works on your website, so that they will improve their skills

Dont think about how to earn yet
This do kill allot of b bloggers, how will I earn from this website under few weeks, some do carry money on mind before entering into blogging, well it is not like that, you need to remove everything about money from your mind, and wait for the right time

Wait for some months for your website to be recognized
If possible I advice you wait for a year, by then you will now have up to 2000 articles on your website, and allot of page views from google, then start thinking of how to gain from your hustle
Thanks for reading, am wishing you success blogging

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to become a computer wizard

How to become a computer wizard

This is a very big tax that will take you years to archive, new ways of operating the computer do come out every day, it is not that easy to be a computer wizard, but just believe in yourself if you really want to do this, I started my computer journey, with no computer, but by the types of phones that I do see around me do give me the vision of how computer’s interface will look like, first of all, I started with mastering mobile phones then, they use too call me phone wizard, it helped me allot, to me am not yet that expert that I wanted to be, but to them am already a 100% expert, till when I found myself on a computer, a friend paid for time at Cyber Cafe that day, the workers there opened the Mozilla Fire Fox for us, with the little knowledge that I have with phone browsing, I was able to handle the Mozilla fire fox, if I was able to do it, you yourself is capable of doing it too

Tips that will help you to become that wizard
First of all let’s start with What is Computer
In my own understanding, computer is just an electronics device or machine that you can use as a data base where you store all your information, and where you receive, search for information’s
Computer can be simply defined as
An electronics device that is programmed to accept storing, receiving, of daters

You must know how to read and understands very well
Talking of reading is not just an ABC reading, Computer is like a book, and also it has some kind of a teacher in it, that tells you that this will happen if you click this
For Example
If you put your mouse on shut down button, a tips box will appear and tell you to close all your programs, and click on this button to turn off that program
Have you seen one of the reasons why you must know how to read and understand everything you see on your computer?
I advice that you buy a dictionary, just for you to be careful with your computer

Be careful with the way you handles your pc, read before you click to avoid spoiling your computer

Associate with other computer literates
This is the next step you need to take, look around you, you must have someone that knows more about computer, better if the person also have a computer, by coming close to them very well, after 1 month, you will grab the persons computer knowledge, and step forward, but to tell you the truth you don’t need to leave the persons side after grabbing his knowledge, because if it is somebody like me, I like upgrading my computer skills every day, new updates do come out everyday

Go to computer school
This will help you to meet people that has the same vision with you, if they have 50 students in the school at least, 10 of them must have the same vision with you, those 10 people will be ready to pass trough anything to make sure that they become the computer wizard that they wanted to be, we do call those type of people “Computer die hard”, in computer school they will not teach you all the things that you need to know, but they will teach you much things that will help you to upgrade your computer skills to the next level

Try to do a 1 month I.T in a computer shop
This will help you to master some things in computer, after my computer school, I did not do any I.T, but I started working for one man, I don’t have any laptop that time but I am using the man’s laptop to master everything that I learnt from computer school, till after some years

Base on researching and PDF files
At this stage you need to have a laptop or desktop, and a smart phone that can browse, there are many articles online that can teach you many more things about computer, this research of a thing helped me allot, I do download many PDF files, I advice you do so, With Google you will become the king of the game

Make your work computerized
If you are not doing a computer job, try to do everything possible to attach computer to any work you found yourself in
You can go further to study computer science in the University
Is not a must, but if you have the money I advice you go for it
I hope you understand this, this article I wrote it from what I experienced, It will also help you allot

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